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How to Reverse Diabetes
  • Uncover the hidden causes of diabetic condition
  • ​Learn why current treatments are not working
  • ​Discover new treatment solutions
  • Reduce and eliminate the need for drugs and insulin
  • ​Learn how to loose weight, and feel energized again without radical diets and exercise
  • ​​Boost health and immune system, with Dr. Shumard's customized and personalized approach
  • ​​​Access an Exclusive Offer including FREE digital copy of Dr. Shumard's latest book on reversing diabetes
Special GIFT: Get 7 Day Recipe Challenge to Reduce Blood Sugars for attending
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:

How Traditional Medicine is Currently Failing

 Why focusing on blood sugars alone puts patient at further risk.

How To Find The Cause
of  Diabetes

You will learn how to discover the cause of diabetic condition.

The Exact Strategy
To Reverse Diabetes

Learn the specific steps of how we help  patients overcome diabetes.
Meet Dr. Jason Shumard DC
Owner of Integrative Wellness Center of San Diego, with nearly 17 years of experience in helping diabetics overcome their condition and regain their health.
He is the creator of innovative, individualized care plans that promote lifelong health and well-being for diabetes patients. Dr. Shumard has had extensive postdoctoral training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, and he continues to pursue an exhaustive education.

If diabetes is still a constant struggle despite receiving traditional treatment, let Dr. Jason Shumard and his staff help!
Dr. Jason Shumard, DC
Don't Neglect the Treatment of Diabetes Any Longer:
At the webinar we’ll create awareness on what to do to reverse diabetes in a manner that facilitates whole body health and reduces potential risk of:
  • Heart Attack
  • ​Stroke
  • ​​Limb Amputation
  • ​​Kidney Failure/Dialysis
  • Blindness
  • ​Nerve Damage
  • ​​Erectile Dysfunction
  • ​Declining Energy Levels
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